Fresh Max!

Hey fans,

Recently shot an episode of the new sitcom Fresh Off the Boat.  It'll be on ABC in January.  More info later, but I know you true Zarouvians want the skinny as soon as possible.

New Music Video!

Head on over to the Videos page to watch Kill the Internet, a funny little video I'm in.


And then, you know, if you wanted to flood the Internet with links to it, that'd be awesome.

Big Money!

I'm doing this competition thing in Santa Monica Sunday night!  I know a bunch of these comics and they're all hilarious.  You should come. It's free!

Click on the poster below to make reservations.

Last Chance(s) to See!

After two great years of weekly shows, my brilliant and hilarious improv group Spaceboat is taking a short hiatus.  We'll be back this summer, but if you haven't had a chance to come see the controlled madness that is our Thursday night show, now's a perfect opportunity!  

Only 3 shows remaining!  Get your asses to Westwood, where you'll be leaving them, because you will laugh them off.

Click below for more info.

Oscar show!

The fine folks of Flash Garden have asked me to perform at their Post-Oscars Gala!  

And against my better judgement I accepted!  

Come see me drunkenly attempt to pronounce Quvenzhané Wallis!

We're Back!

After a couple of weeks off, my improvised stand-up show, Pop Quiz, Hotshot! is returning to The Improv Space Westwood, and continuing every other Wednesday for the foreseeable future!  Come on out and watch comics create jokes before your very eyes!  Maybe even try it yourself!  Exclamation Point!

My Kung Fu is Strong!

Hey so I'm moving on to the next round of that stand-up competition I performed in down in Huntington Beach last night!  Save the date now for Round 2: The Reckoning on Tuesday, April 2nd. It'll be a weird show, and I could sure use the support.

Hope to see you there for some comedy, yummy food, and many many craft beers.

Big Standup Show!!!

I'm in this big standup competition tomorrow night down in Huntington Beach!

Cheap delicious tacos, great laughs, what's not to love?

Print out this flyer for 10% of your dinner.

See you there!

Max Zarou Flyer Feb 5.jpg